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India, Mysore

MyCycle Mysore and a little more

May 25, 2016

On our penultimate day in Mysore, we enjoyed one of Stephen’s infamous ‘Mycycle Tours’. I say ‘we’,  Amy took a rickshaw tour due to her dodgy leg and I taught myself how to cycle while holding a camera.

The cycle tour is remarkable.  Stephen has been taking guests on a bike rides around Mysore for years, so he knows his stuff. Srirangipatna is an unlikely place to head to if you don’t have the inside scoop, so taking one of Stephen’s tours around this stunning river island just next to Mysore is a real treat.  Despite having already visited the area a few years ago, it was amazing to see the area with a fresh pair of eyes.  The area is extremely rural and full of fascinating culture.  Stephen is an excellent guide, so you can really get beneath the surface.  The tour takes you through villages where people live in traditional mud huts, over bridges with views of endless rocky rivers and through paddy fields that don’t even seem real.  It really is a fascinating and beautiful day out.

My video can hopefully translate a little better than my words…

Thanks for making us feel so at home Stephen and Manjula, see you again someday.


India, Mysore

My Oh Mysore!

May 25, 2016

HIYA, Tom here! Let’s do this…

Last time we visited Mysore was back in January 2014. We had a great time, but it was not Mysore itself that made us return this year.  It was our beautiful hosts and friends, Stephen and Manjula.

I found our previous trip to Mysore to be a bit of a mixed bag of awesome and not awesome.  Amy would say that the only reason I feel like that was because got ‘taken for a ride’ by a local, who was exercising a very popular scam on us. She was right (as usual) and looking back now, I remember how much I did love it. I was also probably a little scared at the time. For a mummy’s boy (yes, I was 29 at the time) from a small town in the south west of England, in India for the first time, I found it all a little overwhelming, for sure!
What was the scam I hear you say?

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India, Mysore

More Mysore

May 24, 2016

You might have noticed i’ve been making some videos along the way. Since Manjula is almost famous globally for her cooking and we had no fixed time line, I thought i’d document the process.

Needless to say the meal was super delicious.

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India, varkala

Farewell Varkala

May 20, 2016

Our time in Varkala was a well-balanced combination of festivals, food, hanging out and hospital visits.  Time flew by and before we knew it we had stayed for two weeks. 

Since we arrived, we had been saying that we’d go on Debra’s speciality morning walk, to take in the beautiful sights and burn off some of those dosas.  We eventually got round to it on day 12 of our stay.  We got up early to catch the sun rising and aside from a wardrobe malfunction, resulting in me having a different pair of shoes delivered mid-walk, we had a lovely time. 


Beautiful egrets are all over India

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